About company

The company ARCO F.P.S. Pexidr s.r.o. was founded on the day 19. 2. 2008 as a subsidiary company of F.P.S. Arco spol. s r.o., which has been on the market since 1991. Both companies, along with other subsidiaries form a business group Arco.

ARCO F.P.S. Pexidr s.r.o. fully follows and covers scope of business of the parent company in sectors undermentioned by using the appropriate synergy effects across the group while maintaining full business continuity

The business motto of the company is the provision of supplies and services whose quality will be consistently satisfy stated or implied needs and requirements of customers while maintaining a responsible approach to the environment and fully respecting the principles of safety at work.

The company operates primarily in the following sectors:
supplies for power engineering and heating plants
  • constructions, repairs and revisions of all types of industrial chimneys from reinforced concrete chimneys to steel chimneys,
  • supplies, repairs and reconstructions flue ducts,
  • supplies of all kinds refractory linings for heat aggregates, other supplies and labor for boilers, metallurgical, engineering and other furnaces, devices for gas processing,
  • dismantling and demolition of chimneys, boilers, boiler rooms and other objects.
supplies for structural engineering, transport and industrial buildings
  • supplies of concrete structures for the construction of silos, sewage disposal plant, bridge pillars,
  • reconstruction and sanitation of concrete structures,
  • supplies of high-rise carriers of antenna systems, made of concrete and steel, for telecommunications and also for other users and supplies of observation towers.

For these sectors, company ARCO F.P.S. Pexidr s.r.o. provides carry out or procuring supplies for complete works or parts of it, including all necessary activities for it. These include the provision of studies, designing, assembling, additional production, construction work, installation and other related activities. Company also provides these individual activities separately.

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